Scottish Online Lessons aim to meet the needs of each individual learner by offering a range of lessons in both numeracy and literacy across all primary school levels.

All children learn at different rates, so it's important that the learning they take on is of a suitable level for them (not necessarily the primary/class that they are in).

Use the guidance on the right to gauge which level your child is working at:

Primary 1 - Early Level (3)

These literacy lessons introduce the learner to the 26 single letter sounds of the alphabet; how to recognise them, write them and use them to read and write simple words. They also introduce the commonly used digraphs ( two letter sounds like sh and th) which are used in many words.

The numeracy lessons cover all aspects of number recognition and order within  20, including how to form the numbers. They also cover the concept of addition and subtraction within ten and an introduction to money. 


Primary 2 - First Level (1)

A selection of literacy and numeracy lessons to help you with many areas where you might want a little more practice. We have grammar, spelling, writing and reading lessons with lots of ideas to help you and many activities for you to try out. In numeracy you have the opportunity to explore and practise money, multiplication, time, fractions and much more, all at your own speed. Have fun and enjoy! 

Primary 3 - First Level (2)

This stage includes literacy lessons that focus on improving different aspects of writing with lots of information and suggestions, as well as tasks that enable us to ‘have a go’. Other literacy lessons help us to make more sense of some the trickier words in English while others provide us with an opportunity to learn more about aspects of reading. There are also step-by-step explanations of important number skills and knowledge as well as some introductory lessons on topics including digital time, units of measure and Venn diagrams. 

Primary 4 - First Level (3)

You will be engaged in lessons with step-by-step instructions to guide you through various literacy and numeracy topics. Improve your all-round literacy skills by finding out about collective nouns, similes, metaphors and apostrophes. You will also be able to identify the features of a diary entry and discover the importance of skimming and scanning a text, and much more.  In numeracy take the time to extend your knowledge of numbers up to 10,000, with addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers as well as multiplication and division of 3-digit numbers (with and without remainders). You will also have the opportunity to practice changing 12-hour clocks to 24 hour clocks, as well as estimating area and length, and much more.  There are a variety of lessons to help you be the best you can be! 

Primary 5 - Second Level (1)

Come with me on a journey to see what Primary 5 has to offer. Sharpen your skills in all areas of literacy and numeracy, with lessons you can watch more than once. This will help you to cement your skills and become more confident in your learning. In Primary 5 we cover lots of different areas of literacy and numeracy, so if there is anything you are unsure of, your SOL lessons should really help!

Primary 6 - Second Level (2)

Explore a range of engaging and stimulating Second Level lessons. Investigating a range of contexts, this stage enables you to reach your full potential, developing your literacy and numeracy capabilities. Reflect on your progress, improving skills in ‘Reading, Writing and Grammar’. Likewise, this programme provides step-by-step, interactive lessons, creating opportunities to apply skills in numbers, fractions, decimals and many more exciting concepts! 

Primary 7 - Second Level (3)

Enjoy taking part in a range of interesting lessons to help you achieve the best you can! Improve your all round literacy skills by learning semi-colons, apostrophes, brackets and much more. In numeracy, take some time to explore a variety of topics like decimals, percentages, angles and other exciting topics!