The National 5 Mathematics course covers a wide range of topics, and will help build strong numeracy skills applicable to everyday life in areas such as percentages, trigonometry, statistics and fractions. This programme provides explanations of the key rules and topics in the syllabus, backed up by worked examples to reinforce these concepts. There are also questions to try yourself, which will help build your confidence and prepare for the examination.


National 5 History has 3 units covering Scottish, British and European/World topics. The topics covered are Migration and Empire 1830-1939 (Scottish), Transatlantic Slave Trade 1770-1807 (British) and WWII 1939-1945 (European/World).

As well as covering these topics there are series of lessons focusing on the different types of questions you can be asked in exams, with comprehensive strategies on how to answer them with practice questions and model answers.


The National 5 English course is structured around three main skills: understanding, analysis, and evaluation. You will demonstrate your ability to use these skills through the various reading, writing, talking, and listening tasks that comprise your coursework, internal assessments, and final examination. Ultimately, the course will provide you with the opportunity to study and create a range of texts, develop core reading skills, and prepare you for the progression to Higher English.   


National 5 Chemistry will deepen your knowledge of the building blocks of life and all the materials that surround us. By studying matter at the level of atoms, molecules, ions and compounds you will gain an insight into the chemistry of the Earth’s resources, everyday products and uses in the food, health and manufacturing industries .  Additionally this course will also help you develop your exam technique as well as literacy and numeracy and problem-solving skills.


National 5 Biology further enhances your understanding of the living world through exploration of cell biology, multicellular organisms, and life on Earth.  Throughout these units of work, you will not only enhance your understanding of biology, but you will also gain insight into the style of questions you will encounter in final assessments and see exemplars of how to answer these. The course additionally aims to help you develop your scientific numeracy skills and literacy skills.


Geography is the connection between the natural world and the human world. National 5 Geography is made up of three units, Physical Environment (Weather, Glaciation, Coast), Human Environment (Population, Development, Urban and Rural) and Global Issues (Climate Change and Global Health). Eighty percent of your grade is awarded by doing an Exam, and 20% of your grade is based on the assignment. You will learn new skills like how to read a synoptic chart and how to interpret data accurately. You will also learn lots of case studies from around the world.  

Modern Studies

National 5 Modern Studies is made up of a political, social and international unit. Alongside these knowledge- rich lessons on Democracy in Scotland, Crime and the Law, and the USA as a World Power, there are a series of lessons on how to answer the five different types of questions in the exam and a set of lessons on tackling the assignment, which makes up 20% of the overall grade.


Physics is the study of matter, energy and the interaction between them. Throughout the National 5 Physics course you will deepen your understanding of the Universe through the study of a six of units: Dynamics, Space, Electricity, Properties of Matter, Waves and Radiation.

Throughout this course you will also experience a range of exam-style questions and gain the skills required to answer these successfully.